introduction is it sometimes right to prevent scientific  discovery? i believe it isnt and this isnt right ,because it would lead to a lot of consequences for the futer for example people getting sick, no weponary and bad transport. scientific is really important in these days to keep up with the newest tech, fast transport […]

?OUTSIDE THE WAR GATE? Macduff: carrier turn to Macbeth, turn.       Macbeth:                                                   The wait is now over… I’m carrying too much blood on my hands that is mine. […]

Act 1 scene 1 is about the three witches together talking about when and where they would meet again, after the battle is lost and won, upon the heath to meet Macbeth. Act 1 scene 2 is about King dunken and the captain talking about how Macbeth was brave and especially how he executed his […]

Dear diary…all I saw was death himself,I was starting him right in the eye….  so many people falling down dying from a painful death and I was scared that they would go against me and start to chase after me but I was in shock so in those moments I could even move a millimeter. […]

Once there was a great sheriff called Rick of a town in the US however he got shot twice in his shoulder whilst he was patrolling the streets; he had got shot by a sniper, no tracks were left by the sly sniper.he had ended up in A and E… Grrrrrr the unknown creature growled. […]

This novel is called The Walking Dead it is about a zombie apocalypse happens to the Worlds. It starts off with the sheriff called Rick, in a new world with zombies he needs to survive, he needs to create a group. A group that is fearless even when stared by death, a group that would […]

Shrike is a powerful character because he has two sides to his personality as he can be a heartless creature and can also be a caring warm-heated cyborg. This can be shown when he met Hester he said ” YOU CAN’T STAY HERE CHILD” this therefore means that he cares for her and that also […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway